Daily exercise is a weapon against COVID-19

After the pandemic, health has certainly risen to the top of the list of consumers personal priorities, especially after so many weeks of lockdown. Among the primary strategies for strengthening health is a wellness lifestyle based on exercise, balanced nutrition and a positive approach to life.

In this regard, a number of studies have shown that the fitter and leaner you are the better your immune system, while reducing the risk for several types of respiratory illnesses.

Always focused on promoting physical exercise as a medicine for people’s health, a series of exclusive webinars to offer knowledge and experiences of international guests from the world of fitness, sport and health. One of the most attended was  held by Prof. David Niemann of the Department of Biology of the Appalachian State University, a pioneer of research in the field of exercise applied to immunology, entitled Being fit and lean: the two most powerful weapons against Covid-19.

The professor illustrated how the adoption of lifestyles consistent with good immune health are adjuvants in the treatment of the virus. These primary prevention strategies are particularly important in ageing societies with a high prevalence of obesity and related comorbidities and are essential adjuvants to COVID-19 mitigation practices.

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